Why Megyn Kelly’s Exit From Fox News Isn’t The Victory You Think It Is: She’s Racist

Today’s her last day with the network, and many claim Megyn Kelly’s departure from Fox News to be a victory. But it might be defeat, instead. And it’s the viewing public that’s losing.

While most can sympathize with the sexual harassment she faced during her 12-year stint under CEO Roger Ailes, Kelly has a harassing, discriminatory trait herself. And instead of sexism, she promoted racism.

Kelly did so often, in fact. Boldly. Blatantly. And with no reprise or punishment. Consider these examples of racism demonstrated in her career with Fox:

Racist Emails By Government Employees Are Common And Acceptable

Following the 2015 street killing of Michael Brown by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer, investigation by the Dept. of Justice found incidents of racism in that police department, including emails distributed by employees that were openly discriminatory.

Kelly challenged DOJ’s recommendations for the Ferguson Police Dept. to eliminate racism, though, calling those suggestions “problematic” and claiming that such discrimination is ordinary.

“There are very few companies in America … [where] … you won’t find racist emails.”

Santa Claus Is White – And So Was Jesus

In December 2013, Slate columnist Aisha Harris wrote about difficulties growing up as a black child in white society, which was all the more evident to her in the holiday season. The Christmas character of Santa Claus could be modified to a completely non-racial symbol, Harris said.

That didn’t sit too well with Kelly, though, who attacked Harris’ column in a Fox News forum that same month. “Santa just is white,” she said. And taking it one step further, Kelly added “Jesus was a white man” (despite bible tales of Jesus being middle eastern).

President Obama Is Forcing Rich, White Neighborhoods To Take In Blacks

In June 2015, the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development announced a new policy regarding federal housing grants. Instead of locking grant recipients into poor neighborhoods, the grants should cover housing built in middle-class neighborhoods, too.

Kelly interpreted that policy differently, though; she argued that Obama is “pushing to change your neighborhood” by having poor African Americans live next door to rich white people.

“They think too many communities are too white, too privileged, with too many big McMansions. And they want to diversify the communities whether the communities want it or not.”

A Young Black Girl Was To Blame For The Police Brutality She Suffered

Responding to report of uninvited guests at a daytime pool party, in June 2105 a McKinney, Texas police officer approached 14-year-old Shashona Becton, slamming her to the ground to kneel on top of her. The officer, who went on to curse and point his weapon at other youth in the area, eventually resigned after video of the incident went viral.

Kelly only defended the officer’s violent actions against the teenage black girl, though, claiming Becton is “no saint, either.”

The First Lady Is Moaning About Racism

First Lady Michelle Obama gave the commencement address to the 2015 graduating class of King College Prep, a dominantly black high school on Chicago’s south side. She congratulated the new grads on overcoming racial difficulties to succeed, and reminded them to remember their former classmate, Hadiya Pendleton, who’d been shot and killed two years earlier.

According to Kelly, though, the First Lady is in no place to talk about racism. And her speech was just to promote a black “culture of victimization.”

“I call it ‘Cupcake Nation,’ that’s what we’re turning into.”

So why did NBC offer her three different roles (weekday show host, weekend anchor, and political reporter)? And why did Andrew Lack, chairman of NBC News, call her “an exceptional journalist” with “exceptional skill and poise”? Good question.

Featured image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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