When People Saw What Trump Wore To A Meeting In The Oval Office, It Broke The Internet

As if America needed any more evidence that President Trump is off his marbles, he was just spotted inside the Oval Office conducting an official meeting wearing a suit that didn’t match.

Trump was meeting with Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina when it happened.

Now – we know what you’re going to say – who cares? Well, he is the president after all. And, if he can’t even leave his own closet being able to pick out matching clothes, it could say something about his vision or more specifically, his overall mental health.

Do you see it?

Here’s a closer look: he is wearing a navy jacket and instead of wearing navy pants, he picked out black ones on accident.

The stress of the job must be getting to Trump. Reports from inside the White House indicate Trump is ‘raging mad’ over Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

And, this isn’t just a fashion statement. Trump almost always has been seen wearing matching suits. This is the first time it’s been publicly noticed. No one in the White House was nice enough to pull him aside and let him know. They probably feared they’d be fired. Maybe that’s why the White House has so many leakers.

Oh, and must we mention that time Fox News went crazy over former President Obama when he wore a tan suit? We’re pretty sure this is a much more egregious violation of fashion etiquette.

This must also be one of the reasons why Congress recently introduced legislation requesting that Trump undergo a mental evaluation. They better hurry up.


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