WATCH: Republican Chairman Throws Disabled People Out Of Capitol Room At Capitol (VIDEO)

Democrats strongly oppose the GOP tax reform bill based on the fact that it will increase the country’s deficit. They believe that the bill is disastrous and harmful to millions of Americans. The Senate version of the bill will eliminate the Obamacare mandate, therefore leaving millions of people without health insurance.

During the Senate Budget Committee hearing regarding the reconciliation of the House and Senate tax plans, disabled people went to the Capitol to protest against the GOP tax bill. The disabled people implored Republicans not to approve the bill. They believe that if the legislation will pass, they will die.

The disabled people said, “Stop attacking us. Stop attacking Americans with ordinary income. Don’t kill us! Kill the bill! Kill the bill!”

Watch the video below showing Republicans ignored the pleadings of disabled people. GOP Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mike Enzi ordered to throw them out of the room.

10,000 Americans will die annually under GOP tax reform bill

The Senate passed the GOP tax reform bill with 51 votes early morning on Saturday along party-lines.

All the Democrats voted against it. Senator Bob Corker is the only one among the 52 Republican senators who voted no because of his concerns about the rapidly increasing deficit. The Joint Committee on Taxation predicted that the bill will increase the deficit by $1 trillion.

Today, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers warned that around 10,000 Americans will die from lack of insurance if the Congress passes the GOP tax reform bill as proposed.

During an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, the former Treasury Secretary pointed out that the GOP tax reform bill is “very dangerous.” He explained, “If people lose insurance, they’ll less likely ti get preventive care. They’re more likely to defer health care they need, and ultimately they’re more likely to die.”

Based on the analysis of the Congressional Budget Office, approximately 13 million Americans will not enroll under Obamacare if they have a chance. The GOP tax reform bill gives them the option to do that as it will repeal the Obamacare individual mandate.

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