Vice President Pence Quotes Frank Sinatra To Describe Trump’s Presidency – America Laughs

Vice President Pence is sticking by President Trump in describing in the first 100 days of his presidency, saying “The president is off to a great start, the best is yet to come.”

That’s a popular Frank Sinatra song – one of his greatest hits.

He made the comments during an exclusive interview with CNN’s Dana Bash who traveled with Pence to South Korea to monitor the North Korea situation, where threats of “nuclear war” are being made.



What exactly does Pence mean by great start?

  • Trump failed to get his controversial travel ban order implemented.
  • A Republican-controlled congress refused to pass Trumpcare and repeal Obamacare.
  • He failed to stop Syria from gassing its own people even after firing off 59 tomahawk missiles. Assad did it again against innocent civilians the very next day, and Trump stopped short of taking any further action.
  • He hasn’t drained “the swamp.” Instead, he has flooded it with Goldman Sachs alumni and made his cabinet the richest in U.S. history. That’s a fact.
  • He backed off calling China a currency manipulator and now says they don’t do it, even though that was one of his chief talking points.
  • He promised to not take vacations but has played more golf than the previous three presidents combined already.
  • He threatened to jail Hillary Clinton but immediately said he would no longer pursue a special prosecutor after getting elected. He promised to do that during the debates.

Dana called Pence out on this:

“You ran on a campaign of not policing the world, but now it hasn’t even been a 100 days and you see military strikes in Syria and Afghanistan, you have been talking pretty tough with North Korea, holding out on the possibility of military strikes with or without China’s help, what do you say to voters back home who say ‘this isn’t what I’ve signed up for?'”

All Pence could say was, “Trump is a man of his word.”

Maybe the best is yet to come because America sure hasn’t seen Trump live up to his promises yet.