Trump’s Lawyers Just Shocked America With What They Just Said In Court About Him

President Trump is currently engaged in a lawsuit for inciting violence at a March 2016 campaign rally in Louisville, Kentucky, after he said: “get ’em out of here!” Three of the protesters claimed they were roughed up as a result.

A federal district judge issued a ruling last month allowing the case to go forward despite lawyers for Trump’s campaign arguing he had First Amendment rights to remove the protesters.

Well, guess what President Trump’s lawyers just did? They issued a court filing on Thursday claiming that protesters in America “have no right to express dissenting views.” Yes, you heard that right.

The case is currently in discovery and moving towards a trial. Trump’s lawyers are trying to get the case dismissed but have so far not been able to convince the judge. They say it will cause the President ‘unique’ and “extraordinary burdens of litigation.”

They even went so far as to claim that Trump was well within his rights to ask normal people in the audience to forcefully remove the protesters.

Here’s what they said in the filing: “even if Mr. Trump implicitly instructed the audience to remove the protesters by using force if necessary, his speech was still entirely lawful and protected under the First Amendment unless he advocated a greater degree of force than was necessary under the circumstances. Absent that type of unlawful advocacy, Mr. Trump cannot be held liable for incitement. It makes no difference whether the crowd reacted with unlawful violence beyond what Mr. Trump advocated.”

Watch the MANY times Trump has incited violence at his rallies. It’s undeniable.

President Trump doesn’t think he is liable, but if you watch the many videos of Trump at the rallies, he could be seen encouraging his supporters to get protesters out of the building, often with force. He repeatedly stated over the course of the campaign “throw them out” while yelling it over and over again.

“Get em the hell out of here, will you please? Throw em out.”

He even said once, “If you seen someone getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of em will you?”

How do Trump’s lawyers plan on justifying that one? 

Trump didn’t just do this once or twice, it was a normal occurrence for Trump. It was his normal behavior anytime someone spoke out against him – and violence often resulted after his speeches.

If he was concerned for their safety he could have handled the situation far differently. But, he didn’t.

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