Trump’s Entire White House Staff Talking Mass Walk Out

According to CNBC, they are getting reports that President Trump’s entire White House staff is discussing a mass walk out, questioning whether or not they even want to be affiliated with the administration anymore.

While this would be unprecedented, it’s hardly unbelievable given the public relations nightmare Trump has received over the last several days for his publicly stated position on white supremacists in Charlottesville, saying in essence, both sides were to blame for the violence. He then said there were some “very good people,” aka white nationalists, who only wanted to protect Confederate statues.

That appears to have rubbed a nerve inside his administration.

In addition, to both of Trump’s economic councils being disbanded, CNBC is also reporting that National Economic Director Gary Cohn might resign, as well. That would compound issues, and be the latest in a long series of resignations/firings that have plagued the administration for some time now.

The White House is adamant that this latest rumor is untrue, and “100% false” but the editor of Axios, Mike Allen, is getting a number of “increasing texts, emails, and calls” from inside the White House saying they might just walk out on Trump, and any day now. We’re going to believe Allen on this one.

Besides Trump’s staff, he also has the concern of whether his top military brass still support him, or trust his leadership. There’s ample evidence they do not. Shortly, after the Charlottesville incident, all four of Trump’s joint chiefs of staff, the heads of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and even the National Guard, released public statements denouncing the kind of racist rhetoric Trump was advocating. Unlike the Commander-in-Chief, they stated racism was wrong, and they would do everything to combat it.

Here’s Chief General Mark A. Milley of the Army:


Chief of Staff Dave Goldfrein of the Air Force:


Admiral John Richardson of the Navy:


General Robert B. Neller of the Marines:


And, Chief of the National Guard, General Joseph Lengyel:


If Trump wants to have a functional White House, he will probably need to make another statement to the nation apologizing for the divisiveness he once accused former President Barack Obama of creating.

Wait, opps, too late. Just a few hours ago, Trump did a classic Trumpian-like move, by merely doubling down. This time he wanted everyone to “go study” a general who is falsely praised in right-wing circles for killing Muslim terrorists, by burying their bodies next to pigs. Yes, he went there, again (he previously did it on the campaign trail).


The claim of General Pershing killing Muslims has been debunked several times over. In reality, the General advocated peace and didn’t end up killing anybody. It was just a wives tale.

Maybe Trump should study up a bit himself. But, before he does, he should find out a way to keep his entire staff from quitting on him before things get much worse for him.

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