Trump’s Bodyguard Talks About Five Women Being Offered To Trump’s Hotel Room, Perjury Risk

With the multitude of scandals coming from the Trump Presidency, one allegation remains at the back of everyone’s mind: did Trump spend the night with prostitutes in 2013 as detailed by the Steel Dossier?

Breaking news from Congress reveals that Trump’s longtime bodyguard, Keith Schiller, just testified that Trump supposedly turned down five women offered to him in Russia. This statement was in response to questions surrounding the more explicit parts of the Steel Dossier which detailed sexual activities between Trump and hired prostitutes in Russia.

But, is this really to be believed? No, says multiple witnesses at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow who saw those same women “with” Trump. If proven, Schiller will have committed perjury in an attempt to cover up for Trump. It’s not far-fetched considering the evidence and his long-time loyalty to Trump that spans decades.

Schiller’s testimony implied that this aspect of the Dossier was so comical, he thought it was crazy. Witnesses to his reaction recount that he said: “Oh my God, that’s┬ábull s**t”. He then reportedly continued on to tell a different version of the story. Stating that, although Trump was in fact offered prostitutes while he was working on the Ms. Universe pageant in Russia, he apparently rejected this offer and went to bed.

Schiller recounts that, after the rejected prostitutes had left, he and Trump joked about the situation before Trump went to bed and Schiller went to his own hotel room. Schiller was adamant about nothing explicit happening inTrump’s room after he had said goodnight.

This story raises several important questions. The Trump White House and Trump himself have proven to be untrustworthy when trying to recount events. Member of his presidential campaign are facing criminal charges, his integrity is always in question and his communications staff are far from beacons of truth. Keith Schiller has been working for Trump for several years, he has every incentive to uphold the narrative that Trump has created. He simply can’t be believed.

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