Trump Was Given $1 Million By Dow Chemicals, They Just Asked For A Sick Favor In Return

Dow Chemicals, who gave $1 million to underwrite Trump’s inaugural festivities, is now looking to make that money back from President Trump. Hey, they don’t just give that kind of dough up for nothing, right? It’s an investment.

According to the Associated Press, the company is requesting that Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency set aside the results of a few studies that claim its chemicals are endangering to the environment and children’s health.

The other thing they don’t mention? The pesticide was originally derived from a nerve gas developed in Nazi Germany.

Dow produces a chemical called chlorpyrifos, and in the past President Obama has barred its use on food. Dow wants to do away with that restriction even though several peer-reviewed studies have shown that chlorpyrifos pesticides on food could hinder the development of children’s brains – even in extremely tiny amounts.

Yes, it’s sickening. 

Lawyers from the company made the request by sending letters to the heads of the E.P.A., Department of Commerce, and the Wildlife service. As you know, Trump appointed Scott Pruitt to head the EPA who has already announced that he would like to reverse the Obama-era restrictions on the chemical.

Also – and this is big – their C.E.O Andrew Liveris is a close advisor to Trump. He was standing right next to Trump when he signed an executive order “mandating the creation of task forced at federal agencies to roll back government regulations.” Talk about getting what you want.

Is there any doubt that Dow Chemicals won’t get their way? 

While the company manufactures a whole list of chemicals, this particular chemical is a big money maker for the company – and substantially affects their bottom line. That’s why getting rid of the studies are so important for them. Each year they sell approximately 5 million pounds of chlorpyrifos in the U.S.

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