Trump Wants Special Permission To Import Immigrants For Low-Paying Jobs At His Resorts

“We’re going to build a wall.” “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border.” “Nobody builds walls better than me.” “It’s going to be a beautiful wall.”

The foundation of Donald Trump’s campaign is his promise to build a wall—a big, beautiful wall—to keep out Mexican immigrants—you know, the “rapists” who are “bringing crime” and “drugs”—who are flooding across the border to take jobs away from hard working Americans.

Well, there’s going to need to be a door in that wall large enough to accommodate the low-wage workers that Donald Trump needs for his resorts, apparently.

At last week’s Republican convention, he lathered up the crowd with promises like this one: “I’m going to bring our jobs back to Ohio and Pennsylvania and New York and Michigan.” Notice that he didn’t say Florida? Maybe that’s because while he is, in fact, creating jobs in Florida, he doesn’t seem to be able to fill them with Americans.

Specifically, he needs service workers at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach and at Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida. According to Buzzfeed:

[Trump] filed applications this month claiming he couldn’t find enough Americans to do that work, and is seeking temporary visas to bring in 65 workers at Mar-a-Lago along with another seven waiters and six cooks at the golf club.

Now I don’t know about you, but my understanding of capitalism tell me that if you can’t find workers for jobs, you’re probably not offering a competitive enough compensation package for that job. So what this really means is that Trump just doesn’t want to pay Americans enough to do these jobs when he can just bring in the very foreigners he’s spent the last year railing against.

And there does not appear to be a shortage of workers who want these jobs. Buzzfeed spoke to Tom Veenstra, a senior director at Palm Beach’s career services center.

In an email Wednesday, Veenstra said his agency, which is chartered by the state of Florida, has a database of 1,327 Palm Beach County residents interested in server, cook, and chef positions. He said local hotels are currently seeking his agency’s help to fill more than 856 such jobs. Mar-a-Lago does not appear to be among those that contacted the agency directly, he said, adding that he could not immediately provide information about the Jupiter golf club.

It’s pretty simple, Donald. Just do what you’ve said and tweeted endlessly about. Bring back jobs and raise the wages for those jobs.

(Featured image via Getty Images)

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