Trump Victim Comes Forward: ‘How Can You Not Believe Me Now?’ (VIDEO)

Jill Harth wants you to know Trump lied to you when he said his comments in the hot mic video were just words.

We’ve all heard the infamous hot mic tapes and we’ve heard Donald Trump dismissing them as standard “locker room talk” even though they describe sexually assaulting women and getting away with it because he has star power.

But what a lot of people haven’t heard of is Jill Harth’s case — a woman who claimed in the 90s Trump groped her and forcibly kissed her. And she wants everyone to know Trump lied at the second presidential debate when he told Anderson Cooper his words were not actions and he never forced himself on any women.

Harth says when the hot mic tape was released last Friday she felt vindicated:

“It made me feel like, ‘See? This is what I was saying. He’s saying in his words what he does. How can people not believe me now?’ ”

Harth says she also watched the second presidential debate and was furious by Trump’s terrible answer for his tapes and his claim he has “so much respect for women”:

“He lied. He lied and it made me angry that he did that.”

Harth filed a court case against Trump in the 90s accusing him of doing to her exactly what he described in the hot mic tapes. They had met with Donald to arrange a beauty pageant at one of his casinos, when Harth says Trump zeroed in on her and badgered her ex-husband, George Houraney (also her business partner), about their relationship and starting piling on compliments of Harth’s looks.

Trump agreed to host the pageant and they hosted a dinner one night.

Here is how Harth describes the first encounter at that dinner when Trump assaulted her under the dinner table:

“Donald placed me right next to him, and that was the time when he started to go for it. He had his hand on my leg, moving forward, went for it, touching my private parts. I got up and I just said, ‘I got to go to the bathroom.’ My way of dealing with this was to flee the area.

In another encounter a few months later at an event at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, Harth says Trump took her into Ivanka’s bedroom and forced himself on her:

“He is pushing me up against the wall, forcing a kiss on me, and again with his hands all over my body and up my dress with his hands.

“It turned into a wrestling match. He started to kiss me, had his hands all over me, and again had his hands up my dress.”

We reported this on Groopspeak months ago, and you can read all the details and the court documents by clicking here.

Harth’s story will also air Monday and Tuesday on “Inside Edition”:

Featured Image via YouTube/Inside Edition (Screen Capture)

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