Trump Turns His Back On Reporters And Walks Away, Refuses To Deny ‘Shit Hole’ Comment

President Donald Trump was given a chance to call Democratic Senator Dick Durbin a liar on Friday morning, but he denied the opportunity.

That certainly doesn’t sound like the Trump we know.

Shortly after giving remarks regarding Martin Luther King, Trump walked out of the Roosevelt room, ignoring questions from reporters concerning his earlier comments saying people are coming into the United States from “shit hole” countries.

Per pool: “Trump ignored a number of shouted questions as he was leaving the Roosevelt Room… One reporter asked the president if he is a ‘racist,’ others asked if he used the term ‘shithole countries,’ and your fill-in pooler asked if… Durbin is lying about his version.”

Trump said on Friday earlier in the day that the remarks didn’t happen but he has yet to say anything to Senator Durbin, which is ironic.

If Durbin is lying about President Trump then you’d think the president would speak up. Considering Durbin wasn’t the only person in the room with Trump, it’s safe to say that President Trump did make the comment, and others will corroborate that fact.


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