Trump Setting Trap For Democrats Say Insiders, Not Going Through With Deal

President Trump has been dangling the idea for days now that he’s suddenly open to the idea of a mass immigration deal with Democrats, so long as they meet his demands. And there are many.

He held an immigration meeting in the Oval Office a few days ago, the same meeting where he allegedly (and confirmed by himself and a few others) where he said he wanted to stop people coming into the United States from “shit hole” countries like Haiti and others like it.

He tweeted out recently that he doesn’t “believe the Democrats really want to see a deal on DACA,” a program that was implemented during President Obama’s term in office that would keep immigrant children from being deported, even though they were brought to the United States through no fault of their own and have lived here for years, calling the U.S. their home.

Now – according to Scott Dworkin, the co-founder of the Democratic Coalition and a frequent contributor on MSNBC, Trump is intentionally stalling and setting a trap for Democrats.

“Heard tonight from some Hill friends that Trump and his White House are simply trying to buy time on DACA, and that Trump doesn’t support the program at all. The strategy apparently is the more time they buy, the more DREAMers get deported. Trump’s setting Congress up for failure.”

If that’s true, that means Trump is making it seem like its the Democrats fault for not being able to come up with a deal, and they’re the ones being unreasonable in their demands. He’s made the claim numerous times over the last several hours.

Trump is holding DACA hostage right now. He’s insisting that in order for him to support it (and not deport children for that matter) he will need billions of dollars for border security funding, including money for his wall, as well limitations on family-based immigration and an end to the diversity visa lottery program.

During his immigration meeting, Trump, according to CNN, didn’t even listen to a bipartisan plan proposed from Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Dick Durbin, which would have given Trump his requested funding, as well as allowed a 10 to 12-year pathway for citizenship for some young undocumented immigrants. It also would have provided protections for individuals with the Temporary Protected Status from countries like El Salvador and Haiti.

That final compromise is supposedly what set off Trump for his ultimate remark of people coming in from “shit hole” countries. Trump didn’t like that idea.

The insiders talking to Scott Dworkin are probably telling the truth. Trump does appear to be stalling.

Fortune magazine just ran an article saying that Trump appeared to be ready until he spoke with White House senior advisor Stephen Miller and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton – now the president wants more time.

That means – Trump’s tweets are less than honest. The Democrats aren’t holding up anything.

“If the president were consistent in his positioning in this, it would give the Republicans cover” on a deal, said Theresa Brown, director of immigration policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington. “But he has not so far on many issues demonstrated the kind of consistency of viewpoint that would actually provide that cover.


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