Trump Rep. Wears Bullet Necklace On CNN But What She Threatens To Wear Next Time Will Disgust You (VIDEO)

Tuesday on CNN, Katrina Pierson, spokesperson for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, was on air spouting Trump’s usual brand of nonsense. However, it wasn’t what she said that sent the internet into a frenzy; it was what she wore.

Pierson thought it would be a fantastic idea to wear a necklace made out of bullets. Given the number of mass and police shootings that took place in 2015, not to mention all of the other gun related violence in America, one could almost believe she was silently calling attention to the issue of gun violence. But she’s a spokesperson for this guy.

Pierson famously made the assertion during her last visit on CNN that Muslims had no reason to complain about having the rights infringed upon because they’re Muslims and should just be more understanding.

The Twitter reactions to her latest “fashion statement” was somewhat mixed.

Eventually, news of Pierson’s jewelry reached Jim Sciutto, the CNN reporter who conducted Tuesday’s interview. Sciutto sent Pierson a tweet inquiring about the meaning behind her necklace.

Her response was what you’d expect from a Trump spokesperson.

Well, that’s nice to know. I would shudder to think that she would wear fake ammo around her neck. That would completely negate the highly improbable possibility of something unfortunate but nonetheless hilarious happening to her foot. But, of course, you know, she just had to take the issue way too far — because that’s just Trump thing to do.

Well, it’s nice to know the Trump campaign’s going to continue keeping it classy riding into 2016.

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