Trump Now Admits He Said ‘Shit Hole’ After Denying It For Days, Finally Explains What He Meant

President Donald Trump has just admitted to making the remark heard around the world just a few days ago when it was leaked to the press that he said immigrants were coming into the United States from “shit hole” places like Haiti and other African countries.

Immediately after the news started circulating, Trump tweeted that “was not the language used.”

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who was in the Oval Office meeting, and heard Trump say it, went on record verifying that was indeed what the president had said. He called it one of the most “vile” and “insulting” things he ever heard come out of the mouth of a sitting president when speaking about immigrant populations and said it was deeply offensive to Americans and citizens abroad.

Trump never called Senator Durbin a liar even when presented with the opportunity after an MLK commemoration ceremony – he just walked away from the reporters who asked him if he made the remarks and if he was a “racist.” And, now we know why.

Watch that event below:

According to the Associated Press on Saturday, Trump is now blaming the media for “distorting” what he meant when he made the “shit hole” description. He was not saying anything racist but it was rather a “straightforward assessment of some nations’ depressed conditions. Trump also said he believed he was expressing what many people think.” That’s a direct AP quote.

So – just a few days after constant denials and hiding – President Trump has finally admitted to it.

We have a feeling the world isn’t buying it. The State Department is even preparing its diplomats to “prepare to get an earful, and to focus on listening to and acknowledging those countries’ concerns.” That’s a start – but Trump apologizing would be better.

“I think you just have to take it. It’s almost impossible for diplomats to say something that would make an African government feel better,” said Grant Harris, who ran Africa policy at the White House under former President Barack Obama. “So you say the U.S. government is committed to being a strong partner and that actions speak louder than words.

“The problem is, for many other administrations, the actions spoke more loudly,” Harris added.

The person who informed the AP about Trump’s latest statement also said that the president wasn’t apologetic and still thinks the media is the main problem – not the words he actually uses.

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