Trump Just Went Into Meltdown Mode, Lashes Out Against Democratic Victories

Even when he should be occupied with diplomatic activities, Trump can’t seem to stop himself from coming unhinged on Twitter.

In response to the Democratic Party’s sweeping victory last night, and in honor of the anniversary of his election, President Trump sent out a tweet again congratulating himself on his “landslide” presidential victory.

By his use of the word “deplorables”, it seems as though President Trump is still stuck in a nostalgic state for the 2016 election. With the major state and local election wins by the Democratic Party, which many are calling proof of the country’s shift away from “Trumpism”, it’s no surprise that he wants to relive his glory days.

Like many GOP leaders, Trump was obviously expecting a different result from last night’s cross-country elections. Following the loss of Virginia’s gubernatorial Republican candidate, Ed Gillespie, Trump lashed on Twitter. Accusing Gillespie of not embracing him or what he stands for.

Last nights state and local elections were definitely a shock to the system. Many were expecting a continuation of the status quo, however, citizens voted overwhelmingly for Democratic leadership.

The results are a huge blow to the Republican Party because they imply that the country is possibly weary of the chaotic nature of the Trump presidency and would like to limit the power of the GOP.

The elections also saw several glass ceilings being broken. Two transgender candidates were elected to local office and, women, as well as members of racial minorities, were elected into government positions across the country for the first time. Last night was truly a great day in progressive history.

So, despite how hard he tries to hold on to his “winning” status, no amount of whining from President Trump can change the fact that history is not on his side.

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