Trump Just Got His Beak Wet After Firing Tillerson, Wants To Fire More Cabinet Secretaries Now

President Donald Trump just fired his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, the nation’s leading diplomat, by a tweet on Twitter. That much has already been confirmed. He didn’t even call him in advance or let him know he was letting him go.

He also fired the person responsible for leaking that information, State Department spokesperson Steve Goldstein. Apparently, no one was supposed to know that Tillerson didn’t get the courtesy of a phone call. That makes Trump look bad.

Now – Trump wants to fire some more of his Cabinet Secretaries.

The next person on the chopping block? Secretary of Veterans Affair David David Shulkin, according to the New York Times.

Just when we thought this whirlwind day was over, it looks like there is more in store. 

The official decision hasn’t been made yet, but two people close to the White House say he wants to install Energy Secretary Rick Perry in his place because Trump has grown increasingly patient with Shulkin.

In fact, Trump’s opinion of Shulkin is so low that he even called ‘Fox & Friends’ for their opinion on veteran care during an official meeting with the VA chief.

Trump is a huge fan of Fox co-host Pete Hegseth and was even one of the people Trump considered for the job. Imagine Trump making a call to the guy he passed over while talking to the guy he put in charge. It’s basically a slap in the face.

Given this information, the Times report rings truer than ever. CNN also ran a segment on the story.

They reported that Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly was mad at Shulkin for releasing information to the press about him that made him look unfavorably in the press.

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