Trump-Haired Tea Party Dixie Pastor: Hug Your Guns Cause Obama Wants To Kill Your Wife (VIDEO)

Jim Hill is a Virginia pastor who hates gays, abortions, male pattern baldness, and Obama in no particular order.

On the Sunday edition of his show “What Does the Bible Plainly Say?” Hill delivered an enlightening sermon on abortion, gay marriage, and how the government wants to kill him.

“God ordained male and female, not male and male and female and female!” the evangelical preacher opined. “He said Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. He means a man and a woman makes up the marriage.”

He spoke of recently celebrating the birth of a new baby, and lamented that “it seems like anymore the first thing they want to do is kill them.”

“First thing they want to do is bash their brains out, cut their throat, chop them up like chopped liver or chickens, sell the parts,” he asserted. “First think you know, they’ll start selling everything but the crying. And they’ll find a way for that.”

“Fifty million babies have been killed and thrown in the garbage can and sold!” Hill exclaimed. “Shame on America. I tell you, I believe if he let’s America get by then one of these days, he’ll have to apologize Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Hill also had some practical advice for young unwed mothers.

“Keep your pants zipped up and keep your legs crossed instead of getting out here and having illegitimate children.”

The mild-mannered and soft-spoken Hill was deeply perturbed by President Obama’s executive actions that promote new gun regulations.

“You know, that’s what Hitler did to Poland and Hungary and all those countries when he took them over,” he remarked. “The Second Amendment gives us the right to protect ourselves. Protect us from who? Number one, the government! I’m afraid of my government, I’m scared of my government, I don’t trust my government.”

“I used to like it but I don’t like it anymore,” Hill lamented. “You know why? Because it’s out to get me, it’s out to disarm me, it’s out to kill me, it’s out to stop me from worshipping God.”

The preacher also encouraged his followers to “hang on” to their firearms because they would need to stop the sexual predators and “whoremongers that want to storm in and take over your property, take over your family, kill your wife.”

Hill concluded by declaring his love for America.

“And the only place I want to go besides this is, I want to go to Heaven,” he said.

Preachers like Hill are multiplied by the thousands in America and unfortunately they are becoming more and more dangerous.

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