Trump Caught Conspiring With His Rich Friends On GOP Tax Bill

Recent findings indicate there are several perks to being friends with President Trump, one of them being private conversations with him. A few of his richest friends have collaborated in efforts to sway the President’s current tax bill in their favor. According to an article written by The Washington Post several of his Acquaintances in New York have “launched a last-minute campaign to pressure him for changes to the GOP tax bill,” saying they would like an even better deal made for them.

Stephen Schwarzman, chief executive of the Blackstone Group held a fundraiser in which both President Trump and a close friend of his, Richard LeFrak, attended. During the event LeFrak suggested to Trump that he make changes to the bill in order to benefit wealthier New Yorkers. According to reports there were people outside of the conversation who heard it, and echoed similar requests.

(Photo by StarzLife)

LeFrak and Trump’s relationship has quite the history as LeFrak made an appearance on Trump’s popular television program “The Apprentice”, and also served as a judge in the Miss Universe pageant hosted by Trump himself.

“In response, Trump told the group he was aware of the concerns among his old friends and business associates — and that he understood them.”

“…the president has signaled publicly he’s open to making adjustments.”

This, however, is not the only instance Trump’s close friends have relayed this sentiment according to The Post . “Many of Trump’s friends have complained that a proposal in the House and Senate tax bills limiting the tax breaks people can claim would drive up taxes on people in New York. Specifically, they have raised concerns about new limitations on their ability to deduct state and local taxes.”

Trump has exclaimed on multiple occasions that the new tax bill would be of great benefit to the middle-class citizens, however, there appears to be several who are skeptical with this notion including multiple tax analysts who claim the new changes would greatly reward the man making them.

“But numerous tax analysts expressed skepticism that this would be true and several have said Trump would likely be a big beneficiary because of the way the Trump Organization is structured.”

Whether or not these suggested changes will eventually come to fruition still lies in question, however, it is evident that there are several conversations going on behind closed doors to push the agenda.

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