Trump Campaign CEO Caught On Audio Saying ‘We Need To Bitch-Slap The Republican Party’

Donald Trump is now embroiled in a full-scale war against the Republican Party.

Steven Bannon, Trump’s Senior In Command, was caught on audio on Tuesday, saying:

“What we need to do is bitch-slap the Republican Party and get those guys heeding, too. And – if we have to, we’ll take it over.”

Just earlier in the day, Trump had already said that “the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to.” The comment was made after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan publicly announced that he was no longer going to back Donald Trump anymore, and would instead focus on gaining more votes in the House.

After doing so, Trump basically went insane on Twitter.




After Friday’s leaked audio tape release, many members of the Republican Party are absolutely refusing to continue backing Trump, while several unendorsed him. In total, more than 160 top Republican leaders are publicly against Donald Trump. That’s saying something.

Here’s a list of Republican leaders who have spoken out against Trump in just the last several days. It’s what Hillary Clinton was referring to during the debate when she mentioned Trump was just trying to deflect by talking about her emails, to take attention off of the fact that his campaign is “exploding.”

Republican leaders who have decided to withdraw their support from Trump since last Friday:


The tape of Steve Bannon saying it’s time to “bitch-slap” the Republican Party is not going to make the Trump Campaign’s task any easier. They need as much support as they can get, given the absolute importance of evening out the votes in the electoral college.

Also – should Trump win – he’s going to need support in office. By disenfranchising the Republican Party and declaring war on them, he won’t be able to govern, or for that matter “lead” if no one is following.

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