Today’s Tax March Produced These Hysterical Signs (PHOTOS)

New York. San Francisco. Seattle. Arlington. Palm Beach. Chicago. Grand Rapids. And even right in D.C. did protestors march on April 15, demanding on this date of traditional tax-filing deadline that Donald Trump release records of his own personal taxes.

And even though it got ugly in at least one location (Trump fans accosted demonstrators in Berkeley, California, causing fights that led to four arrests), in the many other places of protest, participants kept their spirits up. And with their senses of humor reaching new heights, too.

Take these examples of the signs used, collected from social media posts from the many protest locations nationwide:

Orange Lies Matter!


#taxmarch #trump #RUSSIAGATE #liar #impeachtrump

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With apologies to Pink Floyd


Just posting the best of the best here. #TaxMarch

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And apologies to the Milton Bradley company that makes this game

And apologies to Frito-Lay, while we’re at it

✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻✊️ #resist #trump #taxmarch #notmypresident 🚫

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You can’t leave Putin out of it

#losangeles #taxmarch

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Especially when Putin signs were this funny

#taxmarch #losangeles

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Warning: These signs may contain inappropriate language (but are still very appropriate for Trump)

Add a pink and papal punch to the protest


The only pope I can get behind #taxmarch

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Pinocchio would be ashamed

#taxmarchnyc #taxmarch

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Pucker up


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Grab *this*

Maybe we should ask Trump’s acc-oink-tant

Is Trump too “chicken” to show his taxes?

#notmypresident #taxmarch #sanfrancisco #chickentrump

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“The Tax Cheat Poop”

here some of the woke signs from today’s tax march! #resist #taxmarch #dumptrump #donthecon #showusyourtaxes

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Nancy Pelosi came to pluck the chicken, too

Grab him by the 1040!

Don’t forget those tiny hands

#TaxMarch #showusyourtaxes

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To see more photos from the Tax Day protests held nationwide today, check out the “Tax March” hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Featured image by Trump Tax March via Twitter