These Right-Wing Media Are The Only Ones Trump Now Answers At Press Conferences

Donald Trump’s poor relations with press were made evident right after his presidential campaign began, including an open ban on eight specific media from his events.

Since assuming the office in January, however, Trump’s relations with reporters took a new dive. He attacked specific news organizations in his very first presidential press conference, for example. Worse, he now refuses to answer questions from most media, leaving reporters to assume Trump is “shutting down part of the First Amendment” at his latest press events.

And the only ones Trump will answer questions from aren’t exactly what most people consider actual media, either. In fact, these particular news organizations are established right-wing media with notable bias, and are even known to promote false news.

These are the only media Trump accepted questions from his at last three press conferences:

  • Daily Caller

This conservative news website was founded in 2010 by Tucker Carlson of Fox News and Neil Patel, an aide to former Vice President Dick Cheney.

In case-in-point example of this “media,” in 2013 Daily Caller claimed Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) visited prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Other media refused to report the story after quick research found the claims to be false.

Shortly after, the women named in the report told police they were paid by Daily Caller to make false claims. Daily Caller never retracted the story.

  • Fox Business

Just like its header network of Fox News, only 10 percent of news reported by Fox Business is true, according to evaluation by PolitiFact.

For example, in November 2016 Fox Business claimed that President Obama encouraged illegal aliens to vote, and promised to protect them if they were caught.

  • Christian Broadcasting Network

CBN was founded in 1961 by televangelist Pat Robertson of “700 Club” fame. The far-right and freaky status of this network can be demonstrated in this one incident: the network’s CEO, Gordon Robertson, said Obama was “raised Muslim” in a 2011 broadcast.

  • Townhall

Townhall was originally founded in 1995 by the rightwing Heritage Foundation as an online community for conservatives. It expanded greatly in its second decade, though, even launching a print edition.

Both the online and print versions are openly biased, however, reporting regular news with conservative – and obviously false – twists.

For example, in 2014 after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was formed, Townhall falsely claimed the new organization could “shut down businesses, no matter what the reason, at any time it wishes(.)” And when accusations of sexual assault were cast upon Trump in 2016, Townhall reported on the circumstances – but said the claims were “incredibly fishy.”

  • New York Post

It’s a shame that one of America’s oldest newspapers – founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton – is now discredited for sensationalism and false news. That’s what happens when Rupert Murdoch takes over a media, however. He first bought the Post in 1976 converting it to the biased and questionable tabloid it is today.

Since switching to that freakish format after the Murdoch takeover, the Columbia Journalism Review says NYP isn’t simply “a journalistic problem. It is a social problem – a force for evil.”

As an example, in the 2008 election cycle the Post ran a headline with intentionally misspelled “Osama,” claiming the eventual president was hiding Muslim faith.

  • WJLA

This local TV station in Washington, D.C. is an affiliate of ABC, but is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting since 2013.

After that purchase, this Channel 7 station quickly took a “turn to the right,” other media in the area noted. Regular anchors were replaced with more conservative names, and the station even entered a partnership with The Washington Times, the notably conservative newspaper originally founded by Reverend Sun Yung Moon.


Other rightwing media, including Gateway Pundit and even Info Wars, were awarded press clearance to attend White House press conferences, but haven’t been called on yet.

With this media restriction and bias, will the nation learn valid information and get key questions answered? Probably not. Other media note that Trump’s new favorites appear to read pre-cleared questions that might be prepared by his own staff.

These poor relations between Trump and media aren’t new however, and began shortly after he first announced his campaign. During that time, for example, he called ABC reporter Tom Llamas “a sleaze” and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol “a loser.” He insulted a New York Times reporter by mocking his disability. A Hispanic reporter was thrown out of a press conference for questioning Trump’s stance on immigration, and Trump’s then-campaign manager was arrested for assaulting another reporter.

At multiple times campaign events at which she was present, Trump hazed MSNBC reporter Katy Tur by name, encouraging crowds at his rallies to harass her.  Some media were compelled to bring their own security teams to his events.

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