The Oregon ‘Militia’ Is About To Be Taken Down…By Birders

Don't ever piss off birders, and definitely don't call them bird watchers.

Apparently, it’s okay for white militia types to take on the government, with little or no retribution, but there’s one group that the armed protesters don’t want to take on – birders.

An apparently abandoned federal wildlife refuge building might seem like a logical place to hold a petulant revolution, but it’s not so abandoned and the birders are not sympathetic.

The birders are headed to a nearby town called Burns, Oregon to evict the armed squatters. While the ranchers might play hunter on occasional weekends, the birders know how to survive in the outdoors, armed with nothing but cameras and binoculars. While the protesters are obnoxious and heavily armed, the birders blend in.

In an open letter in the Daily Kos, Kevin, a wildlife teacher and nature photographer who goes by the name, Norwegian Chef posted a “warning from the birding community to the terrorists in Oregon: We’re watching you.”

The birders don’t hesitate in calling the militia men “terrorists.” They’re pissed at how these particular entitled feeling ranchers abuse federal wildlife land and the wildlife itself. In fact, the birders have been standing up to these guys for a very long time.

For years those of us who are wildlife photographers, birdwatchers and carers of wildlife, have been documenting the activities of you poachers and criminals around many of our nation’s wildlife refuges. With our powerful cameras, and ability to move unseen in the wilderness, we have found and documented your illegal hunts, your illegal traps and all sorts of illicit activities, and are constantly feeding that information to law enforcement, and we have finally got many of you poachers on the run and into jails.

As Oregon’s Congressman Earl Blumenauer just stated, “Armed insurrection is terrorism. The situation at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge shouldn’t be allowed to fester but should be dealt with firmly, swiftly and fairly. The continued disruption to the community of Burns and occupation of a federal facility is unacceptable. Those involved should be arrested and prosecuted”

While the armed militia is likely made up of weekend warriors who drink beer and shoot, just for the sake of shooting, at innocent animals, the birders are 40 million strong and they are accomplished at all things outdoor. They are the most stealth of hunters, but the only weapons they use to shoot their prey are cameras.

Kevin notes in the open letter than he is a lawyer and that there are other lawyers among his ranks. He made it very clear that if the Feds don’t prosecute, they will be suing.

We have a just fear of nature from experience, but we don’t fear you gun-toting thugs in the least. You will never see us, but we and our cameras will always see you. We will #takebackmalheur from you terrorists, and will not rest until every one of you thugs and poachers is behind bars where they belong.

Finally, Kevin said:

We stand now and forever with wildlife, and you seditionists and terrorists are about to find out that’s there is a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out and poach innocent animals, will never be able to outrun or hide from.

We are watching you and our years of birding photography have made us endlessly patient and determined.

Kevin and the birders realize something that the Bundys and other ammosexuals fail to grasp – a compulsive need for a gun for protection is cowardice. True bravery is facing the world, both human and animal, armed only with your wits. Unfortunately for the terrorists, they’re seriously lacking in wits.

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