The Internet Is Buzzing Over A Check A GOP Senator Just Sent To Support Democrats (PHOTO)

The internet is going wild over a picture of a check uploaded to Twitter by Arizona Senator Jeff Flake to show his support for the Democrat party.

The $100 check written to Country Over Party has people in speculation as to what message he is trying to send. Some are suggesting the check is symbolic and has a much deeper meaning behind it, while others applaud the gesture regardless of the amount.

Twitter user “Beatrix” is one of the more hopeful:

Some controversy has been sparked by the fact that though there are clearly some negative connotations towards Trump this photo tries to send, mixed messages are also being communicated because Jeff Flake voted Yes for the recent tax bill.

One Twitter user went as far as to declare he wasn’t impressed by the “anti-trump” tactics because at the end of the day, Flake did in fact vote in favor of Trump’s tax proposition:


We’ll let you decide below:

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