Senate GOP Leader: I Lied To The American People

In their desperation to pass a tax break for billionaires, the GOP has started telling bold-faced lies to the American people, and Mitch McConnell has been forced to admit it. The Senate majority leader has admitted to lying to the middle class, falsely promising that “nobody in the middle class is going to get a tax increase.”

When confronted with how wildly inaccurate his statement was, McConnell backtracked, admitting, “I misspoke on that. You can’t guarantee that absolutely no one sees a tax increase.” This is, of course, a nicer way to say that he lied.

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The New York Times, in their own investigation, noted that the winners in the GOP bill are businesses, multinational corporations, the “rich and their families”, and hedge funds. They further noted that although some middle-class families could possibly see a small reduction in their tax bill, they would have to meet very specific criteria, and even in those cases,  “if the legislation dampens home prices, as realtors are warning, it could diminish the wealth of middle class families whose biggest investment is generally their home.”

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McConnell has tried repeatedly to lie about the facts, but was finally forced to come clean, and admit that he has not been telling the truth. In a statement, David Bergstein, press secretary for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said, “The only thing that Mitch McConnell can guarantee is he’ll stop at nothing to make sure his donors are taken care of — even if it means lying about how his donor-driven policies will hurt middle-class families.”

McConnell is far from the only Republican trying to cover for wealthy Americans, with everyone from the president himself, to Lindsey Graham, to countless other senate and house members, have tried to push the story that this tax bill is for the middle class. Recently Rep. Chris Collins came out with the truth though, admitting their rich donors are telling them to pass this bill, or else.

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