Republican Lawmakers Leave One Tax Loophole In Place, And It Only Benefits President Trump

The tax plan that Republican lawmakers are trying to push through Congress, at the urging of President Trump, not only guts tax breaks for teachers and the middle class, it leaves in place one tax break just to benefit Trump himself, called “the golf break”.

The House of Representatives put out the plan that leaves this tax break in place, a tax break that solely benefits golf-course owners such as the president, even though it has been estimated that closing the loophole would save more than $600 million dollars over ten years.

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Donald Trump owns 12 golf courses just in the United States, and therefore benefits directly from this tax break even more than the average golf course owner. Unfortunately, because anyone who owns a golf course is already, by definition, wealthy, the burden to make up for this tax break will fall to the already struggling middle class.

Although it has long been established that Trump has no problem abusing his power for his own personal gain, and uses his position to directly influence both Congress and other supposedly independent institutions, the incredible lengths Trump has gone to in order to ensure that he will not personally feel any negative effects under this tax overhaul are astonishing.

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The “golf break” is only one example of the many ways the Republican Tax plan benefits Trump directly. For instance, Republicans are pushing to make it so students can no longer deduct their student loan interest on their taxes, something that benefits millions of struggling adults every year, but leaving in place interest deductions for commercial real estate, something Trump is heavily invested in.
Trump himself has continued to lie when asked about the Tax bill, saying that it will not benefit him directly, despite experts predicting that this bill is an incredible boon for Trump. Such an incredible boon, in fact, it is hard to believe he didn’t have a direct role in crafting it specifically for his own greatest benefit.

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