Reporter Silences Trump, Asks Him To His Face: ‘Were You Wrong About The Obama Wiretapping?’

President Trump was holding a photo op with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the Oval Office when ABC News’ reporter Jonathan Karl confronted him about his Obama wiretapping accusation.

He asked Trump: “were you wrong about the wiretapping?” To this President Trump just didn’t answer. Abadi had to interrupt the awkward silence by jokingly saying he himself had nothing to do with the wiretaps.

So far, Trump is refusing to apologize to President Obama and the American people even though he admitted in an earlier news conference that he received the information by watching a segment on Fox News that directly related to the subject. Instead of just repeating the accusations, Trump went one step further and stated it as a fact that he was, indeed, being wiretapped.

FBI Director James Comey just a few hours earlier in a live congressional hearing even stated that there was no basis for the claims. As if any further clarification was needed.




So far, Trump and the White House are sticking by the claims. But, he’s still not man enough to apologize or admit any wrongdoing.

This isn’t the only area Trump is getting shamed on. Just before Trump’s meeting with Abadi, he tweeted out during the live congressional hearing (while it was still underway) falsely claiming that FBI Director James Comey and National Security Director Michael Rogers told Congress  “that Russia did not influence the electoral process.”

Rep. Jim Himes read out loud Trump’s tweet to both Comey and Rogers asking them if what the president said was an accurate reflection of their views. Their response was simply that it was not. They looked confused by what President Trump even said.

“It certainly wasn’t our intention to say that today, because we don’t have any information on that subject.”

This was simply a brilliant move on the part of Congressman Himes. Maybe Trump should wait until the hearing is over next time so he doesn’t have the ability to be fact-checked in real time.

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