President Trump Just Liked A Comment About ‘Orgies’ On Twitter

President Trump posts a ton of stuff on Twitter – the world already knows that. But, what people may not know is that he rarely, if ever, likes something on the popular platform. He’ll retweet for sure, but over the history of his entire account, he only has 12 likes.

Well, he had 13. Allow me to explain.

Judd Legum, the founder of Think Progress, one of the most popular blogs on the internet, captured a screenshot on his personal phone of President Trump’s 13th like on Thursday night. You can clearly see the image below, it’s a real screenshot. And, it’s from the actual Donald J. Trump account, @realDonaldTrump.

In the image, it shows Trump liking a comment from “Alexander Hamilton” where he says:

“Also, can you believe THIS?! Rape….Orgies…Korea…Trump…WTF?”

He then provided a link to this article on the internet.


Twitter user ‘Colleenmw’ even captured a screenshot of her own before Trump unliked the tweet. Someone in the White House or Trump himself must have unliked it shortly afterward. We know this, because when you go to the official Donald J. Trump account, it doesn’t show the like anymore.


Here’s a better image of the actual tweet President Trump liked from his personal account. 


Trump (or even an aide, it’s possible) but probably Trump, must have seen the post because the account replied to Fox and Friends and Trump’s account, both.

It’s just all very strange, indeed. Why did Trump like this particular tweet, is the question?

Mr. Legum is a pretty legit source, and the image doesn’t appear to be doctored. That, coupled with the information that other people captured the like on their computers as well, leads us to believe it’s not fake.







Considering many people verified its factualness, President Trump had to have unliked it at some time within the last hour of this article being written, which is 11:21 central time.

We just have to ask now: Why is President Trump so interested in orgies? Doesn’t he have other things to worry about?

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