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Germany Denounces The United States Under Trump’s Leadership, Releases Historic Statement

A new Public Policy Poll of real, registered voters is catching fire on the internet and it’s simply hilarious.

This is what happened: A scientific survey was conducted between May 6th through May 9th that asked voters to rank their opinion of Donald Trump in comparison to a whole host of things, including, lice, jury duty, used car salesman, traffic jams, etc. Guess where Trump ranked.

Out of all the categories listed below, voters only had a more favorable opinion of Trump when compared to hemorrhoids and cockroaches. On the remaining 8 topics that people had an opinion on, Trump was disliked more. Considering the subject matter, that’s pretty bad.

Here’s Rachel Maddow’s brilliant show discussing the poll:

Since the next President of The United States has the potential to make a major impact in the world, like taking disability benefits away, etc, it’s no surprise that temporary things like jury duty arouse less contempt in the minds of voters than Trump, now that you think about it.

As Rachel Maddow said on her show, it’s not as if Trump is going to be competing against hemorrhoids, per say, in the general election, so he needn’t worry there, but it’s polls like these that really tell a bigger story. Considering Trump’s major challenge is to unify the Republican Party behind him at a time when it’s fracturing more and more by the day, this just shows that the GOP is backing a candidate who can’t even compete with lice. You’d think they would be able to pick a better candidate, but then again, since polls also show that Trump’s backers also overwhelming identify Republican, it tells you everything you need to know about the GOP.


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