PHOTOS: Trump Supporters Organized A Rally To Support Trump, Turnout Was HILARIOUSLY Pathetic

In the wake of Donald Trump’s humiliating failure to repeal and/or replace Obamacare yesterday, some of the President’s most ardent supporters thought they’d show their support with a day of Make America Great Again rallies all across the country.

Sadly—very, very sadly—they only compounded the mortifying embarrassment for a man who was just yesterday exposed as an incompetent waste of breath and space…because no one bothered to show up.

For example, here’s a real barnburner of a #MAGA rally for you!

Or how about this mighty band of weekend warriors, boldly lurking around Portland in groups of six or seven?

And here are some real winners, decked out in their finest “I’m totally not overcompensating for anything” finery!

Oh my, what have we here? That look like a full thirty-ish people. Look out everyone—the revolution has begun!

There are at least a hundred million people in this photo, right? The dishonest media will never report it!

The disastrously inept President weighed him to thank these pitifully small gatherings of morons:

Personally, I think this guy nailed the translation:

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