Paul Manafort Was Just Caught Telling A Crazy Lie To A Judge To Get Out Of House Arrest

Paul Manafort’s personal lawyer, the former campaign manager for President Trump, who was indicted on federal charges last week, just told a judge that Manafort needs to be taken off house arrest so he can work with a company in Florida that is developing a secure, “virtually indestructible” cell phone.

Okay, we get that Manafort still has business obligations, and he hasn’t been convicted yet, so he should be afforded to the opportunity of innocent until proven guilty, so what’s the big deal?

Well, a lot actually.

It turns out, the owner of the company, Hoyos Integrity – told HuffPost that Manafort hasn’t been associated with the business for months. When Hector Hoyos, the executive chairman, and chief technology officer was asked what Manafort’s lawyers were referring to, he replied: “no idea.”

That means one of two things…either Manafort and his lawyers are lying to get out of house arrest or by some weird chance, they are talking about another company in Florida developing a nearly identical product. Which one is to be believed?

Per Huff Post:

“Kevin Downing, Manafort’s attorney, told U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson at a hearing about bail on Monday that Manafort needed to travel to Florida because he does “quite a bit of work” in Fort Lauderdale. There, Downing said, Manafort has “got a business” that is “developing secure cellphones” that are “relatively or virtually indestructible.”

Hoyos Integrity matches up with the details of the company described in court. It has an office in Fort Lauderdale. It says it’s developing a “complete secure smartphone” that is “impenetrable” and “impervious to hacking.” Manafort was affiliated with a previous iteration of the company, and was temporarily listed as director earlier this year, as Politico reported in June. A business report for that company, filed before it morphed into Hoyos Integrity, lists Manafort’s name as director alongside the names of Hoyos Integrity’s current CEO, general counsel, chief financial officer and senior vice president of engineering.”

This might just all be a ploy by Manafort to enjoy the cold New York winter months in Florida, where he enjoys a home nearby. Considering the charges Manafort is currently facing, it’s probably not the best idea to be lying to a federal judge.

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