Obama Just Made The Investigation Into Trump Really Interesting

As information on Trump’s ties to Russia keeps coming, the Obama administration emerges as one of the stories most interesting actors. Though the former President has been free of the office for months, NBC reports that:

“Obama administration officials were so concerned about what would happen to key classified documents related to the Russia probe once President Trump took office that they created a list of document serial numbers to give to senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a former Obama official told NBC News.”

The documents were listed in early January, and passed on to senior members of the Senate Intelligence committee. This behavior indicates a very real fear the Trump administration would try to bury information surrounding its relationship with Russia- fears that have proved very much founded. All this comes in light of the FBI’s confirmation of inappropriate behavior between Russia and the sitting President. All this surrounds Trump’s behavior this morning; tweeting aggressively at NBC for deigning to cover the Russia investigation, claiming it should return to his entirely unfounded accusations against former President Obama. As the Hill reports:

“President Trump on Saturday called for NBC News to devote more attention to his unproven claims that President Obama spied on him and stop covering the investigations into Russia’s interference in the election.”

What’s true, only time can say. One thing is for certain, though: for someone who claims he has nothing to hide, President Trump certainly spends a great deal of time making sure no one knows what he’s up to. It’s difficult to think of a time in history where that’s led proved true of an innocent actor.

image acquired via getty images

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