Nearly All Members Of Advisory Panel Quit Over Trump Admin Behavior, Release Damning Letter

Nearly all members of a very important Trump administration advisory panel have announced their resignations.

Three-quarters of the federally chartered board advising the National Park Service have officially resigned – that’s nine out of 12 members.

They claim Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had refused to hold even one meeting and on top of that has not met with any of them.

Because of their resignations, the federal government will no longer have a functioning body to deliberate on important matters relating to the Park Service. Doesn’t look like the Trump administration was too concerned about this in the first place or there would have been a meeting.

The departing chairman on the board, former Alaska governor Tony Knowles released a damning letter, claiming that the Trump administration has neglected its duties “as prescribed by law.”

“We understand the complexity of transition but our requests to engage have been ignored and the matters on which we wanted to brief the new Department team are clearly not part of its agenda,” Knowles wrote. “I wish the National Park System and Service well and will always be dedicated to their success.”

Since Trump has been in office the board hasn’t met a single time but is supposed to meet twice a year.

This isn’t the only advisory panel being neglected and legally required under the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Some advisory bodies apparently are operating. But others are still frozen because the department has yet to approve their updated charters, as is legally required under the Federal Advisory Committee Act.

Per the Post:

“Two of the Bureau of Land Management’s 38 resource advisory councils (RACs) — Rocky Mountain and Southwest Colorado — had to postpone meetings scheduled for Thursday because their charters were out of date.

“It’s concerning that our advisory council has been unable to meet for over a year,” said Scott Braden, a member of the Rocky Mountain RAC who is a wilderness and public lands advocate at Conservation Colorado. “Secretary Zinke has said that local input is important for BLM to consider, and yet these councils, which provide just such input, have been sidelined.”

What’s sad about this, is this just isn’t just any advisory panel. The National Park System Advisory Board has been around since 1935.

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