Israeli Rabbi Pushes For Harvesting Of Palestinians’ Organs Because They’re Terrorists

How is it that a prominent Rabbi’s statement get missed that’s justifying, condoning, and even promoting the desecration of a human body simply because that body has been labeled as belonging to an alleged terrorist? Ignored for “the greater good” to keep the relations between the U.S. and Israel on solid ground?

The average American might not recognize Rabbi Yaakov Menken, but he is quite prominent in the Jewish community. Rabbi Menken posted the following statement at 12:30 a.m. EST on October 30, 2015, saying,

@JudeanPF @zpyarom @RaniaKhalek For the record, I’m in favor of harvesting organs from terrorists to save lives, to deter terrorism.”

In other words, don’t mess with Israel, or they’ll label you a terrorist, desecrate your corpse, and get rich stealing and selling your organs on the black market because it “saves lives.”  It’s no wonder the good Rabbi has since deleted this tweet, but not before Said Shouib got a screenshot.

What’s that you say? Rabbi Menken said “they’re terrorists,” so taking their organs is OK?

Keep in mind that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have and Rabbi Menken have no problem giving the “terrorist” label to children. Some as young as 4 or 5 years old – like the one in the below tweet with a gun pointed at his head.

Translated via Google, the tweet above says, “Brave military who does not hesitate to put into play a dangerous terrorist.” Brave indeed to be pointing a gun at the head of a child who likely has no understanding – or choice – as to what’s happening.

Another example of children as “terrorists” includes one incident in May of 2014 when, according to a variety of reports, Israeli soldiers broke into a Palestinian home in Awarta, shot tear gas into it, beat residents and broke furniture. They held the family hostage for 12 hours.

Two days later, Israeli soldiers broke into another Palestinian home and shot tear gas into it, this time sending 20 people to the hospital – including children not more than 1 year old injured as a result of the gas, according to the report.

More recently, in December 2015, three teens, one aged 15 and two aged 16, were shot by Israeli forces because they suspected the teens would attack them.

These are the “terrorists” whose organs Rabbi Menken is OK with stealing – children who never had a choice or a chance. Not that stealing organs from a criminal would make the deed any better – it doesn’t.

The Longer History


Allegations of Israelis labeling Palestinians as terrorists, and then stealing their organs, date as far back as the early 1980s. Although it was largely ignored until 2000, and then surfaced again in 2009, when a Swedish journalist published an article that Israel trumpeted as wrong.

Israel heaped the “blood libel” label onto the journalist, ruined his career and his life, only for everyone to find out years later that the journalist was right – Israel admitted to the harvesting.

Anyone who was ever on the fence about the allegations of Israel harvesting organs from Palestinians, justifying their actions by calling them terrorists, might finally have enough to push them over that fence, into the light. The arrest and admissions of a number of Jewish doctors who have participated in the organ harvesting in a variety of separate incidents makes the switch more complete.

Rabbi Menken’s tactics are all too familiar to Americans. Operating from the extreme right, Rabbi Menken often takes the position that anyone who doesn’t agree with him, his views, or those of Israel, are anti-Semitic. Anyone who speaks in favor of human rights for Palestinian people are Nazis – even fellow Jews.

In fact, this is Rabbi Menken’s favorite tactic when challenged, or when responding to someone who challenges Israel’s party line. Sounds familiar of America’s evangelicals.

The systematic shutting down of anyone, including major newspapers and journalists, by American and other governments, and keeping them from speaking against Israel and its tactics against Palestinians doesn’t help.

The Republican Party and America as a whole systematically approves Israeli terror campaigns against Palestine via medical torture every time we say we “stand with Israel,” and another Palestinian is dehumanized regardless of age.

That this Rabbi, a man of such respect and importance condoned, justified and promoted the horrific practice of harvesting organs from political Palestinian prisoners without their or their family’s’ consent is is despicable, and not respectable behavior coming from someone claiming to be a holy man.

Israel consistently overreacts to any little thing a Palestinian does. Palestinians learn of Israel’s tactics from birth, and have nothing left to live for, so they continue doing what they’ve always known, and Israel overreacts again. Whether 1 or 11, children are innocent victims in any war and the cycle must stop.

It won’t until everyone – the GOP and President Obama included – look in the mirror and decide to not ignore it any longer.



Featured Image by Ahenjar ‏via Twitter