GOP Senator Calls Out His Own Party On The Senate Floor, Says They’re All Hypocrites

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is threatening to shut down Republicans efforts to pass a two-year budget bill after Mitch McConnell thought he had an agreement already in place.

He took to the Senate floor to call the Republicans in his party hypocrites.

Senator Paul is referring to the plan that would add $500 billion in spending, which would further add to the budget deficit. With all the changes, the annual gap between spending and revenue is set to approach $1.1 trillion, up from $439 billion under former President Obama’s watch.

“We have a 700-page bill that no one has read that was printed at midnight,” complained Paul. “When the Democrats are in power, Republicans appear to be the conservative party. But when Republicans are in power it seems there is no conservative party.”

“The reason I’m here tonight is to put people on the spot. I want people to feel uncomfortable. I want them to have to answer people at home who said: How come you were against President Obama’s deficits, and now you’re for the Republican deficits. Isn’t that the very definition of intellectual dishonesty. Isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy?”

Watch below:

Senator Paul raises a pretty good point, it is pretty hypocritical. But, what he failed to mention is that he was part of the problem. Just a few weeks ago, he voted for the GOP tax legislation that made the problem worse. Now, he wants to stand up about it?

While the Senate passed the two-year budget deal a few days ago, things aren’t over yet. The House still has to vote on it and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says he couldn’t in his good conscience take up a vote without debating the bill further. Even if the House passes their own version, it will still have to be reconciled again in the Senate, and that’s where Rand Paul says he might hold it up this time.

The White House has already handed out instructions on what to do if the government shuts down at midnight on Thursday, and is preparing for the worst.

The government shut down last month after Democrats and Republicans failed to reach consensus on a bill that would protect 800,000 DREAMERs, who are facing deportation as soon as March 5th. Senate Democrats decided to do the budget deal even without those protections.

Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, voiced her disdain for her Senate colleagues and spoke for a record-breaking eight hours on the House floor, reading off stories of immigrants who would be affected if they didn’t take action.

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