GOP Candidate Does The Unthinkable, Tells Reporter He Hopes She Gets Raped

Can you guess who he supports for President?

Sometimes it hard to imagine the GOP getting any worse than it already is, but one GOP candidate from NJ might have just broke a record.

Mike Kravitz is running for the West Deptford Township Committee, and apparently he spends his time telling women he hopes they get raped on the internet.  Kravitz sent a series of Facebook comments to Daily Beast reporter Olivia Nuzzi saying that he hopes she gets raped by a Syrian refugee:

While he has yet to actually win a seat, he has ran for the position more than once.  And somehow, he thought it was a good idea to use the same Facebook account he uses to encourage people to vote for him to tell this woman he hopes she gets raped.

As if you couldn’t guess, Krawitz is also a big fan of Donald Trump, and most of his Facebook photos are Donald Trump themed.

(Mike Krawitz’ Facebook Photos Screen Cap, Taken From

It also seems as if the West Deptford GOP started to defend the candidate before they took the post down.  The first comment on Nuzzi’s Twitter was a link to Facebook that she says shows the local GOP claimed Krawitz was hacked, but they have since took down the post.

It seems like the most racist, sexist, horrific elements of the GOP has just entirely come out of the woodworks this year, and much of that is likely thanks to Donald Trump.

At least this man has been publicly exposed as the monster he is before that election.  Though, he probably wasn’t going to win anyway given his history of electoral failures.

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