Giant, Hilarious Object Spotted Near White House, And It’s Breaking The Internet

A massive inflatable chicken resembling President Trump has just been spotted next to the White House.

A reporter was giving an interview on Fox News, and they even had to interrupt the broadcast to ask: “What is that?

“Shep it appears to be a very large chicken.”

Images of the display are popping up all over social media. 

The Trump chicken is situated on public grounds directly behind the White House. The Secret Service was tasked to investigate, but it appears all the correct permits were filed. Looks like Trump Chicken is here to stay.





There are a lot of hilarious comments circulating about the Trump look-a-like, but our favorite has to be from a Twitter user comparing Trump’s approval rating to the Trump Chicken. Looks like the Chicken won, easily.

Taran Singh Brar, the genius behind the chicken idea, says he bought it for $1,300 and it was meant to be a visual protest to stand up to Trump for his refusal to release his tax returns and to stand up to Putin. Apparently, Trump is too “chicken” to do so.

Given the current climate against North Korea right now, and Trump’s persistent threats of unleashing “firepower the world has never seen before,” maybe it’s not such a good idea to be calling Trump a chicken. But, the hair is spot on, no doubt.

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