BREAKING: Trump’s Top Two Campaign Officials Are Members Of Secretive Hate Group

Since officially joining Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in August, new campaign manager Kellyanne Conway and new campaign CEO Stephen Bannon have regularly made the news. But not for anything positive.

The negativity associated with their names just hit a new low, however, when the Southern Poverty Law Center made a cesspool discovery. Both of them are members of a secretive, racist, and homophobic “think tank” known as the Council for National Policy, according to its 2014 membership directory. And that organization is so discriminatory and radical that SPLC labels it a “hate group.”

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First formed in 1981 as a non-profit think tank, the group claims to be “an educational foundation” with motto of “Strengthening the Conservative Movement.”

But the issues with which this organization is most active aren’t merely conservative, but are more aptly described as totalitarian. While it promotes concepts like school choice, elimination of Obamacare, defunding of Planned Parenthood, and even voter restriction, the issues it most commonly addresses, according to SPLC research, are identified as promotion of Islamophobia and homophobia.

The group also has an apparent “idento-phobia,” too. It’s secretive, and refuses to identify its members and activities.

SPLC recently came across a printed directory of the group’s membership, though, produced directly by the Council for National Policy, which is how Conway’s and Bannon’s affiliation with the organization was established.

According to SPLC:

“(The Council for National Policy) is so tight-lipped that it tells people not to admit their membership or even name the group. Revealing when or where the group meets, or what it discusses, is also forbidden. The organization, which can only be joined by invitation and at a cost of thousands of dollars, strives mightily to keep its membership rolls secret.”

Also included in the secretive group’s membership are:

  • Tim LaHaye – founder of the group, and a promoter of “Illuminati” and “New World Order” fearism
  • Joseph Farah – owner of the bizarre World Net Daily news site
  • Jerome Corsi – organizer of the “Swift Boat” project against John Kerry in 2004’s presidential election
  • Tony Perkins – president of the rightwing and anti-LGBT Family Research Council lobbying organization
  • Phyllis Schlafly – anti-women’s rights activist
  • Ken Blackwell – former Ohio Secretary of State (Republican) who was sued in multiple lawsuits pertaining to restriction of voting rights
  • Herman Cain – Republican presidential candidate in 2012

Since being appointed to Trump’s campaign on August 17, Conway has repeatedly embarrassed herself in television interviews with statements that infer women are responsible for their own rapes and “baby girls are killed for their sex.” Bannon, who’s already identified as far-right due to his operation of, was revealed to potentially commit voter fraud by registering in Florida, where he does not reside.

Featured image by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

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