BREAKING: Trump’s Source Of ‘Obama Wiretapping’ Claim Is Revealed, And It’s An Absolute Joke

Earlier on Friday, President Donald Trump admitted that he first heard of former President Barack Obama wiretapping him by watching “an excellent legal mind” on Fox News. That excellent legal mind was none other than former judge Andrew Napolitano, now the senior judicial analyst at the network.

But, what you may not know, is that Judge Napolitano got his information in turn from a guy named Larry C. Johnson, a former Fox News contributor himself and intelligence officer. What’s interesting about this you might say? Well, that same intelligence officer has already been outed for spreading a false rumor about Michelle Obama in 2008, saying she had been videotaped using a racial slur against Caucasians. As you might have guessed, no such video ever came out and it has been proven to be a lie.

So, ultimately, this is one of the three unverified sources that Napolitano relied on when making his initial claim. Nevermind the fact that Trump used this information from a news program as paramount evidence that British intelligence tapped Mr. Trump at the behest of President Barack Obama. That in itself has already landed Trump in a world of controversy even causing the Senate Intelligence Committee to conduct their own review. They released a statement saying there were ‘no indications’ Trump was ever wiretapped, not by President Obama, nor anyone for that matter.

Trump even repeated the charge during his press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel, responding to a reporter that it “was very seldom” he ever regretted a tweet. Trump tried to joke about Obama wiretapping him by saying that Germany and the U.S. had something in common by this. To this Mrs. Merkel just looked completely disgusted by it, choosing not to laugh. He then referred people to talk to Fox News for more information, oddly.

“We said nothing,” Trump said. “All we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for [the claim].”

Let the record show, that Trump didn’t quote anyone in his tweetstorm when initially accusing Obama. He stated it as a fact and didn’t cite his sources. It took him weeks to even provide the source of his information, which is another red flag in itself – especially considering the nature of his charge.

This just underscores the idea that Trump is merely using his Twitter account and social media followers engaged by continuing to provide them with inflammatory and false information – a charge he often levies at the news media by calling them ‘fake news.’

At least now we know where he got his information. It came from a guy who is known for spreading false rumors.

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