BREAKING: Trump Lied To American People About Flynn Scandal, He Knew The Whole Time

Trump needs to be impeached.

President Trump was fully briefed on the content of the conversations his National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had with the Russian ambassador concerning upcoming sanctions.

This means Trump lied to the American public in his press conference earlier when he stated 1) He didn’t know sanctions were being discussed and 2) That he had to fire Flynn because of ‘mistrust.’

John Roberts of Fox just broke the report, and if true, that means that Trump just let Michael Flynn take the fall for something he knew about the entire time. It’s just sickening. And – it should be an impeachable offense.

Trump stated in his press conference earlier on Thursday that he was ‘unhappy’ with Flynn but then ironically went on to defend him and started to blame the media for “fake news” and the actual leakers of the information. Trump was behind the thing the entire time.

Now – lying to the American people isn’t an impeachable offense in itself (remember when Bill Clinton lied about having an affair) but it is sure to ruffle feathers and drum up calls for his impeachment given the fact that the House and Senate are both announcing that they will finally investigate any and all ties the Trump administration has to Russia.

It is also being reported that Flynn lied directly to the FBI in his official interview with them last month regarding the call. We now know he was probably doing it to protect Trump like a good little soldier.

Trump knowing about the call also explains why he didn’t immediately fire him until the story got out in the media.


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