BREAKING: Trump Considering Resigning From Office, ‘Credible Source’

Michael Flynn’s recent offer to testify about Donald Trump’s ties to Russian scandals apparently sent flags up on Thursday night – including a surrender flag.

In fact, Trump is now considering resignation from the White House, according to a former White House staff member who cites an unidentified journalist, and with statement that this journalist confirmed the story with two different sources.

The information was released on the night of March 30, and only hours after media told of Flynn’s offer to provide congressional intelligence committees with details about his direct contact with Russian officials during the presidential campaign.

According to Claude Taylor, who served on the staff of President Bill Clinton, Trump is now considering resignation. Taylor refers to private conversation with a reporter who apparently has yet to release the information independently, and says this reporter has at least two sources to defend the argument.

And only two hours later, other media released information of apparent relativity to Taylor’s. West Wing Reports, operated by former White House press corps member Paul Brandus, said former senior Republican official Michael Steele confirmed that Trump’s about to exit.

The timing of this release indicates relevance to other news pertaining to Michael Flynn.

A retired Army Lt. General, Flynn was appointed Trump’s National Security Advisor on January 20. Only three weeks later, though, Flynn was forced to resign after media learned that he withheld information from Vice President Mike Pence pertaining to recent communication with Russian officials.

On March 30, Flynn offered to provide congress with information pertaining to current rumors of Russian interference with the last U.S. presidential election, but with condition of immunity.  Some congressional Democrats are withholding from any offer of immunity, however.

Claude Taylor, who originally released this information, describes himself as one who worked for three presidential campaigns, and who served on Bill Clinton’s presidential staff.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images