BREAKING: Trump Attacks Woman Claiming Sexual Harassment, Might Have To Testify

President Donald Trump and his attorneys are unleashing a full attack against former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos who claims Trump sexually harassed her.

Zervos filed her case with the New York Supreme Court – and Trump might have to testify considering the Supreme Court has already ruled that a president can be sued for his private conduct while in office.

Now – Trump’s lawyers are attempting to use the same argument Bill Clinton’s lawyers used when he tried but failed to stop the sexual harassment suit brought against him by Paula Jones. Clinton even got impeached as a result of that case, after he lied about his affair with former intern Monica Lewinsky during a deposition.

President Trump and his legal team are trying to keep that from happening.

Some of Zervos allegations:

Trump “aggressively kissed” her in New York when she met at his office to discuss a possible job. She claims this left her feeling “nervous and embarrassed.”

She said she also met with Trump for professional reasons, but Trump grabbed her breasts and  “thrust his genitals” at her in his hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Zervos has already gone on the record saying that she is willing to dismiss her lawsuit without any monetary compensation if Trump is willing to make a public statement retracting his false statements about her and admit that the accusations against him were in fact true.


Instead, Trump’s team is trying to get the lawsuit dismissed in its entirety and says this is just an attempt by Zervos and her famed attorney Gloria Allred to have him submit to an intrusive evidentiary discovery that could damage his presidency.

They claim the lawsuit is simply “made-up stories and lies” and wants people to think it is “politically motivated.” Trump says Zervos is just trying to hurt him and get money and “still wishes she could be on reality TV.”

Zervos isn’t the only woman claiming Trump sexually harassed or defamed her but this is the only case at present that could force Trump to take the stand.

Eleven other women came forward during the campaign accusing Trump of either touching, groping or kissing them inappropriately without their permission after a video of him went viral bragging about grabbing women by you know what.

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