Breaking: There Are Dozens Of Trump Sex Tapes

An explosive new report has now exposed that the famous “pee tape” from the Trump/Russia dossier is far from the only embarrassing video Trump has to worry about getting released. A former NSA official took it upon himself to look into the possibility of a Trump sex tape existing, and what he found shocked even him.

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Through interviewing dozens other intelligence community professionals across the world, he discovered that not only do Trump sex tapes exist but, “As many as a dozen intelligence services worldwide, on four continents, are in possession of some sort of ‘Trump tape’ featuring sexual escapades of a controversial nature” Additionally, at least one of the videos appear to feature not only Trump, but someone underage, and there is evidence that Robert Mueller is in possession of at least some of these tapes.

Although not every tape is confirmed to be authentic, and some tapes are even thought to be fakes produced by Russia in order to throw investigators off the trail of the real tapes, others are confirmed by intelligence agents to be the real thing. As the NSA agent states, “Over the decades, Trump has traveled widely—including to Russia more than once—and thereby exposed himself to surreptitious filming in numerous countries.”

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Trump has been uncovered at least once before, through an audio recording made by Access Hollywood, to be a sexual predator, openly bragging about grabbing women without their consent. Although that recording failed to ultimately stop Trump from becoming president, sources say that the release of any of the videotapes would be fatal to Trump. With Robert Mueller closing in, this new angle adds a new reason for the president to worry, especially if it is revealed that he was blackmailed by any of the countries holding these incriminating tapes. Although Russia is trying to muddy the waters by releasing fake information, it is only a matter of time until the truth comes out and Trump is exposed.

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