BREAKING: Republicans Push To End Ban On Pre-Existing Conditions In New Bill

They can't pass their own bill because some GOPers want to make it even worse.

Republicans are currently dealing with the rather embarrassing situation of not being able to pass their GOP-backed health care reform bill, even with a huge House majority.  So what do the GOP lawmakers who are against the bill demand to support it?

You might think it’s better insurance prices for Americans, better coverage, or at least something that is a little more compassionate than the current bill which is designed to punish poor people.

But no, it looks like the demands President Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other supporters are having to give into are to make the bill even more horrible.  The New York Times reported that, in order to win more votes, Trump has given into House Republicans demands to:

“…remove federal requirements that health insurance plans provide a basic set of benefits like maternity care, emergency services, mental health and wellness visits.”

That’s not all – the Washington Post reported that even the concessions above weren’t enough.  These conservatives, they say:

“…have asked to eliminate much of [Obamacare’s] Title 1, which…bars companies from setting insurance rates based on a person’s sex, medical condition, genetic condition or other factors.”

That’s the measure which was one of the most popular of all in the Affordable Care Act, perhaps better known as ‘Obamacare’.  Basically, the GOP wants to make sure that insurers are allowed to charge you more if you have a pre-existing condition.  Insurance companies will be able to price insurance out of reach for people suffering from such conditions, leaving them with little to no options for coverage.

This is just another piece of the embarrassing story of Republicans being unable to come up with a viable, agreeable alternative to Obamacare even among themselves, after years and years of dreaming of repealing it.  Will they be able to get it together and pass a bill with their majority in both houses?  Possibly.

Will it be good for the American people?  Almost certainly not.

GOP’s plans for healthcare were already set to take kick more people off insurance, make deep cuts to the Medicaid program, and essentially cause a wealth redistribution effect that pushes more savings to top income earners, and creates more costs for the poor.

If these House Republicans win their demands, it’ll also mean the end of very basic regulations on insurers that protect the American people.  Anyone with a pre-existing condition, mental health issue, or essentially any woman can hope to be hurt even more.

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