BREAKING: ‘Pharma Bro’ Ordered To Go Directly To Jail For Threatening Hillary Clinton

Martin Shkreli, known as ‘Pharma Bro’ around the United States for jacking up the price of a drug, and who recently was found guilty of securities fraud, is no longer permitted to remain on house arrest while awaiting sentencing for his crimes.

On Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto ordered that Shkreli be sent straight to jail for threatening Hillary Clinton by offering a $5,000 reward for a strand of her hair. Shkreli called on all of his Facebook followers to try and grab a piece of hair off her head while she was making her book tour.

Shortly after the Sept. 4th incident, it caused the U.S. Secret Service to become involved and U.S. prosecutors asked that his $5 million bail be revoked.

Shkreli maintains that the threat he made against Clinton was all merely a joke, but it looks like the judge disagreed. In court, he tried to apologize for making the remark but his lawyers still tried to defend it.

“If he had made the comments about another author who wasn’t Clinton, I don’t think there would be a bail revocation hearing going on here,” said one of those lawyers, Michael Bachner.

Even though a good argument could be made that Shkreli didn’t pose a risk to Clinton or the community, he still made the remarks, and Shkreli’s other lawyer Gerald Lefcourt said it likely was the tipping point for the judge, saying his client is “incapable of controlling himself.”

“I think the judge is probably at wit’s end with respect to … his conduct,” Lefcourt said.

This means Shkreli may not see the light outside of a jail cell for the next 20 years, the maximum sentence he could receive at his sentencing trial.

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