BREAKING: New Trump Emails Released, Show Cover-Up

President Trump can deny, deny, deny all he wants. That no longer matters.

The New York Times has just released an inside email chain from top Trump transition officials proving that former national security advisor Michael Flynn DID NOT act independently as President Trump and Trump’s White House previously (and to this day) still claim.

Not only was he not acting independently but the Times reports that he was in very “close touch” with other senior members of the Trump transition team both before and after he spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak.

When Trump fired Flynn, he maintained that Flynn wasn’t fully transparent about his communications with both him and the Vice President, but that is clearly a flat-out, impeachable lie.

If this doesn’t get Trump impeached, nothing will. 

In the emails, a senior member of the Trump administration also admitted that Russia had “just thrown the U.S.A. election to him.” That’s another biggie, going to the collusion argument. Former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland (now awaiting confirmation as ambassador to Singapore), wrote that at the time and sent it to Thomas P. Bossert, who is currently Trump’s homeland security advisor. He then forwarded it to the entire transition team, including Michael Flynn, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Sean Spicer.

Long story short, the Trump team was worried about how to respond to the sanctions against Russia implemented by the Obama administration. Flynn wasn’t supposed to discuss lifting those sanctions outside of his official capacity and when he was caught doing so, he ended up being the fall guy. But, Trump knew all along. That’s the point here. These emails prove that everyone knew about it.

Per the Times:

“But it is evident from the emails — which were obtained from someone who had access to transition team communications — that after learning that President Barack Obama would expel 35 Russian diplomats, the Trump team quickly strategized about how to reassure Russia. The Trump advisers feared that a cycle of retaliation between the United States and Russia would keep the spotlight on Moscow’s election meddling, tarnishing Mr. Trump’s victory and potentially hobbling his presidency from the start.”

Flynn was tasked with “reassuring Russia,” basically.

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