BREAKING: Mueller Sets Trial Date For Arrested Trump Aides

Things are finally picking up steam.

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is setting a trial date, and requesting that May 14 be the official day that Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and associate Richard Gates stand trial for their accused crimes.

Mueller made the court filing in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday, according to Reuters.

In their new report, which can be found HERE, prosecutors with the Justice Department layout over four pages, specifying that more than 590,000 items involving the defendants and their corporate records has been given to the defense.

They also state that they have over 2,200 documents identified as “hot.”

Here’s the Status Report:

“The United States of America, by and through Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller, III,
respectfully submits this Status Report in advance of the status conference set in this matter for
January 16, 2018, to apprise the Court of the status of the government’s discovery to date:

A. Discovery Productions
1. As of the date of this filing, the government has completed a substantial portion of
the discovery in this case, including the following:
a. more than 590,000 items1 in load-ready format, including (but not limited to)
financial records, records from vendors identified in the indictment, email
communications involving the defendants, and corporate records;
b. approximately 2,200 documents that the government has identified as “hot”
c. defendants’ statements to law enforcement;d. imaged copies of eighty-seven electronic devices (such as laptops and phones) and
media (such as thumb drives) obtained in the investigation;2 and
e. copies of nineteen search/seizure warrants and related applications.
2. On December 8, 2017, the government filed an initial Status Report to apprise the
Court of, among other things, its progress in discovery in advance of a status conference held in this case on December 11, 2017. [ECF No. 81] Since that time, the government has made two additional productions.
3. On December 20, 2017, the government made its fifth discovery production,
consisting of, among other things: (1) a hard drive with 123,000 separate items in load-ready
format, (2) copies of thirty-six electronic devices and/or media,3 and (3) nine additional “hot”
4. On January 12, 2018, the government made its sixth discovery production,
consisting of, among other things: (1) a flash drive with approximately 50,000 separate items in
load-ready format, (2) approximately 7000 pages of additional financial and other records,
including additional foreign bank records obtained after the commencement of discovery, (3)
approximately 120 additional “hot” documents, (4) two additional search warrants and related applications, and (5) imaged copies of fifteen devices and/or media seized from Manafort’s residence.
5. The government will continue to make additional rolling productions of load-ready
documents, including of documents obtained on an ongoing basis. The government expects to make its next production early the week of January 15, to include copies of six additional
devices/or media that will be provided to both defendants. Thereafter, two additional devices
seized from Manafort’s residence will remain to be produced to Gates. These devices are currently in the process of being reviewed by a separate team to identify privileged material that will not be produced to Gates.

The government expects to be in a position to produce this material in the
coming weeks. The government also intends to conduct various quality checks to identify any
additional discoverable information that has not yet been produced. The government will produce
any such material on a rolling basis.
B. Trial and Motion Schedule
6. At the upcoming status conference, the government intends to ask the Court to set
a trial date for May 14, 2018, and a corresponding motion schedule.”

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