BREAKING: Mueller ‘Going In For The Kill’ Against Trump On Russia Probe

Republicans close to the White House are now saying that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is ‘going in for the kill’ against President Trump and pursuing obstruction of justice charges.

According to several Trump associates, Trump is still considering getting rid of Mueller, who has just stepped up the Russia investigation by deciding to interrogate dozens of White House officials, including several former and current senior aides to Trump. Trump has previously warned Mueller that he would be stepping over a “red line” if he looked into his personal finances.

Per Mike Allen: “Trump associates tell me Trump mused about firing Mueller. But now, one associate said, the damage would be as horrendous as “firing the Pope.”

Mueller also has an unreleased version of Trump’s “angry, meandering” draft that was never released to the public that he used to dictate his justifications for firing former FBI Director James Comey. It’s said that it contradicts Trump’s publicly stated reasons – another major problem.

Mueller intends to use this along with statements made by administration officials to determine Trump’s real reasoning behind the firing, which could lead to the obstruction of justice charges.  Several in the White House believe that’s where the investigation is headed.  Even though Trump was told he wasn’t personally under investigation by Comey, Mueller has made no such promise.  White House Special Counsel isn’t privy to attorney-client privilege, so they’ll also be summoned as witnesses. Because of this, several Trump aides have been forced to hire attorneys in recent days.

Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, complicated things when he told CBS’s 60 Minutes that Trump’s decision to fire Comey was the worst mistake in “modern political history.”

Mueller has already impaneled two grand juries and has issued multiple subpoenas.

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