BREAKING: Comey Reveals More Memos Against Trump, Coming Out Publicly With Them

According to an NBC News Report, former F.B.I. Director James Comey is planning on publicly releasing more “memos” he has been using to document his conversations with President Trump. Yes, you heard that right, “memos,” not “memo.”

What we know so far, is that one memo directly states that Trump requested Comey end his investigation into former national security advisor Michael Flynn. As if this wasn’t enough to completely damage Trump, there’s more.

Additionally, the House Oversight Committee is requesting that Comey makes them available to them. This may be Comey’s way of complying.


We know one thing: this is really bad news for Trump and his administration. Trump has previously stated that Comey told him on at least three separate occasions that he wasn’t personally being investigated, but so far Comey has declined to confirm this. If his released memos don’t show Comey confirming this, that will personally make Trump out to be a liar.

Secondly, even with the “memos” not being publicly released, there’s already enough information available ratcheting up calls for Trump’s impeachment. This will just make things worse.

“The obstruction of justice articles of impeachment counts are stacking up, it seems,” an active duty FBI agent told The Daily Beast. Firing Comey, the agent added, was a “big gamble. You’ve got to kill him, metaphorically. You can’t just wound him.”



Indeed, if what Comey said in the memo is true (which by itself has enough standing in a court of law to be upheld as an accurate record), then Trump could be facing Articles of Impeachment. Congress will just need enough Republicans to join Democrats in the cause.

In the meantime, the White House is under a tremendous amount of stress. Every day it seems like there is a new fire to put out.

“I feel like running down the hallway with a fire extinguisher,” one senior Trump official said. He then offered the following assessment: “I don’t see how Trump isn’t completely fucked.”

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