BREAKING: ‘Career-Ending’ Texts Between Senior Aides On Chris Christie Bridgegate Scandal

Texts have just been uncovered between senior aides to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claiming that the governor ‘flat out lied’ about his administration’s involvement in the George Washington Bridge lane closures.

The new details were released in a document filed in New Jersey federal court by Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Christine Renna, who worked under deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly, sent out the following text: “Are you listening? He just flat out lied about senior staff and (former deputy chief of staff Bill) Stepien not being involved.” She then went on to say that if this is discovered “things could get bad.”


This is certainly not good news for the governor, who is currently playing a major role in the Trump Campaign.

After the scandal was first announced, Christie gave a press conference saying that his senior aides assured him they didn’t know anything about it. But, this new information strongly suggests that Christie lied.

“I’ve made it very clear to everybody on my senior staff that if anyone had any knowledge about this that they needed to come forward to me and tell me about it, and they’ve all assured me that they don’t.”

Furthermore, Renna ended up deleting the texts and didn’t disclose their existence when she testified under oath before lawmakers. Right now it’s not clear if Christie helped orchestrate the alleged cover-up or not, but you can bet that a further investigation will be initiated.

Currently, Christie’s former deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly faces charges for conspiracy and fraud while another former Port Authority official, David Wildstein, has also pleaded guilty.

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