BREAKING: Canadian Prime Minister’s Motorcade Involved In California Car Crash

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s motorcade was just involved in a car crash while visiting in California to visit with Governor Jerry Brown.

Shortly after his motorcade left the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, where Trudeau discussed the many benefits of the North American Free Trade agreement, a person driving a Toyota Highlander made a sudden left and collided into the motorcade, police told ABC7-TV.

The incident happened at 7:22 p.m. and left the driver of the Highlander, her son, and an officer escorting Trudeau all hospitalized. Its reported that the CHP officer has “non-critical injuries” and Prime Minister Trudeau was not hurt.

Michael Sternberg, the husband of the driver, said his family had sustained several injuries, though.

“She was concerned about our son’s wrists that might be broken and her neck, she was in a lot of pain,” he told KABC.

He claims his wife didn’t see one of the motorcycles pass and it was an unfortunate accident.

“She saw one motorcycle pass and she was not aware of the other motorcycles.”

The accident took place about 4 miles after Trudeau’s motorcade left the Reagan Presidential Library, where he discussed trade and climate change with the governor.

Trudeau and Brown discussed how important it was to start working together since President Trump is “AWOL on climate change.”

“The Trump people have their heads in the sand, and we have to make allies in Canada,” Brown said.

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